Spanning the digital divide throughout the customer lifecycle

A presentation at Automation Day by Ruth Cheesley

As the focus in marketing worlds has shifted toward providing a ‘digital experience’, how do we truly deliver on this promise across different channels?

In this session we will unpack what is meant by the ‘digital experience’, and explore some of the challenges that organisations face when spanning the offline/online digital divide throughout the customer lifecycle.

We will dig into the components that are needed in your Martech stack to truly offer a consistent, personalised experience to your customers throughout their journey with your organisation, and where marketing automation fits into all of this.


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

  • Mautic

    Mautic is an Open Source Marketing Automation tool that helps businesses automate their repetitive marketing tasks such as lead generation, contact scoring, contact segmentation, marketing campaigns, and to personalise the digital experience across multiple channels.

  • What is Mautic?

    A short video explaining what Mautic is.

  • Acquia Campaign Studio

    Acquia Campaign Studio is a fully-featured cross-channel orchestration solution that enables organisations of all sizes to orchestrate and deliver individually personalised experiences at scale. Acquia Campaign Studio helps teams gather important contact information, optimise and template campaigns, and report on results. No other solution compares to Acquia Campaign Studio’s modern and flexible design which provides team members the freedom to move quickly and adapt easily to changing business needs.

  • Apache Unomi

    Apache Unomi™ (pronounced “You know me”) is a Java Open Source customer data platform, a Java server designed to manage customers, leads and visitors data and help personalise customers experiences while also offering features to respect visitor privacy rules (such as GDPR)