The Developers’ Bakery Podcast #82

A presentation at The Developers’ Bakery Podcast #82 by Ruth Cheesley

Time for a brand-new topic today, as we’re going to talk about Marketing Automation.

I’m excited to have on stage Ruth Cheesley (, who’s going to tell us all about Mautic ( Mautic is a marketing automation software, that helps you manage your email campaigns, track your user engagement, and much more. It’s fully open-source (written in PHP) and works either as self-hosted or as a cloud solution.

But we’re also going to talk about another crucial topic in open-source: governance models. Ruth has been supporting the Mautic community for years, and helped them navigate through a governance model change. She’s going to share what worked and what not for Mautic and give us some tips on how to manage a community project.

Enjoy the show!